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Motor Unit
Water Pan Assembly
Trolley Assembly

Get to know your HYLA GST

The HYLA GST - Geyser Separator Technology A new chapter in the history of "air and room cleaning" has been opened with the worldwide unique and separator technology. Only top grade materials and production certified according to ISO 9001 ensure the highest quality. Here you will learn everything about the HYLA GST: How it works, and how you can not "only" clean the air, but very much more than that - and that there are fields of application you have not even thought of yet ...


The Motor Head This module means pure power, and it can very easily be detached. Experience yourself what power a HYLA can develop, with a maximum power consumption of only 850 watts. Compare this: With a full 2.5 cubic meters of air per minute, the HYLA is a frontrunner - even from an ecological point of view.


The Water Pan Water binds dirt and retains it. Wet dust cannot fly any more. A HYLA works without paper filters. There's nothing constraining the air flow passing through the HYLA. Paper filters have pores, and not only air escapes through these pores, but also fine dust. Even in the first seconds, these tiny pores clog up and the power decreases rapidly - a sheer waste of energy! This is also the reason why a HYLA gets by with only 850 watts of power - thanks to water as a filter, a HYLA can always breathe freely.


The Trolley Well, you can´t talk to your HYLA. But it always follows you obediently, so that you hardly take notice of it. An integrated protective rubber strip prevents any damage to your furniture and walls. Eight smoothly gliding wheels make sure that your HYLA follows you dutifully - step by step, even across obstacles. You can rely on this: Whenever you turn around, your HYLA will always be one step behind you.